Three steps to happy feet

Free foot assessment


Finding the perfect, tailor-made solution for you and your lifestyle involves 3 key areas; assessment, orthotics and footwear.

Because each foot is unique, we accurately measure the length and width of both feet separately. Our consultants examine both feet carefully in order to identify any problems and then carry out a thorough posture and balance analysis. They then use digital mapping technology to create a topographic map of each foot, highlighting areas in need of extra support.

Next, our consultants conduct a detailed gait analysis, assessing your posture and how you walk. They also take time to understand your lifestyle and your needs.

Arch Supports


The findings of the foot assessment allow us to prepare a tailored support plan for your feet and lifestyle needs. This may include custom arch supports (also known as inserts, orthotics or orthoses).

Our custom arch supports help you achieve “perfect body alignment” through your joints and spine combined with the optimum weight distribution on your feet. A custom arch support literally tailors the fit and performance of your shoes to your mobility requirements.

We can produce partial or full inserts as appropriate to accommodate most types of footwear, including shoes, boots, sandals and trainers.

Find out more about custom arch supports.



At Foot Solutions Plymouth, we hold an extensive range of high-quality, stylish and comfortable men’s and women’s footwear for all occasions. Our consultants make sure that all footwear is carefully and expertly fitted to provide maximum comfort and support.

All our footwear is sourced from leading and manufacturers around the world including brands like Ziera, Finn Comfort, Mephisto, Solidus and Xsensible.

According to respected industry body, the National Association of Shoe Fitters, footwear is the only item of clothing that can seriously damage your health. It therefore follows that properly fitted, well-made shoes are essential for comfort and mobility.