The Foot Solutions Mission

Feet are the foundations of the body. Foot Solutions use advanced scanning technology and a deep knowledge of the biomechanics of feet and gait to recommend the best combination of orthotics and quality footwear for each person’s unique feet. Our custom solutions improve body alignment in order to achieve better comfort and mobility.

Delivering Our Mission

Our knowledge and experience in foot and gait biomechanics is combined with the latest technology and the finest footwear craftsmanship. In addition, Foot Solutions’ consultants undergo extensive pedorthics training. Our passion is fitting and supporting your unique feet to improve mobility and balance by using quality, supportive footwear together with advanced custom arch supports. The combination of custom arch supports and ergonomically designed footwear helps prevent pain and trauma in the load-bearing joints of your body by improving body alignment, balance and posture.

Our Clients

No matter what your age or physical condition, we can help. Our mission is to help you achieve a more active lifestyle.

Our Store

Our consultants are trained in; foot and gait biomechanics, shoe construction, orthotics the fitting of arch supports and the appropriate care for all types of feet. Our  Plymouth store provides a comfortable, relaxing environment that allows us to look after you and your feet. We take around 30 minutes to comprehensively assess your feet and gait and understand your lifestyle and objectives. If you’re in a rush, it’s best to re-arrange your appointment.

Our Company

Foot Solutions Press Kit

Foot Solutions™ Franchise Retail Company is a franchise company with more than 240 locations worldwide. We are the world’s largest and #1 ranked health and wellness franchise, focusing on foot care and proper fit. Foot Solutions™ focuses on providing a full line of quality shoes, arch supports, and foot care accessories for all customer lifestyles.

Our Founder

Raymond J. Margiano, Ph.D., the CEO and founder of Foot Solutions™, brings exceptional credentials to the business. He studied pedorthics at Temple University, and has spent over 20 years in the footwear and pedorthic industry. Before founding Foot Solutions™, Margiano successfully built a 700+ store network of Heel Quik Franchises in 34 countries. He is also a member of Kennesaw State University’s WellStar College of Health and Human Services Advancement Board.