Jo Dixon is a Marine Research Scientist at Plymouth Marine Laboratories; she also competes in dressage, breeds horses, trains riders at competition level and she has four lively dogs – so her life is very active.

The quality of Jo’s lifestyle was threatened by pain in the joints of both her big toes. Advice from specialists was to have steroid injections to manage the pain, or an operation to fuse the joints. Neither option was attractive, so Jo paid a visit to Foot Solutions.

“It was incredible,” said Jo, “I walked in, in pain, and walked out pain-free!”

Pressure distribution measurement, and 3D contour mapping – all part of her free assessment – showed that only a small portion of her feet was in contact with the ground due to her high arches. This put severe strain on her big toe joints. “I also had referred pain in my knees and hips,” she added.

This is a problem that Foot Solutions’ expert staff see a lot, and the initial help given was an off-theshelf orthotic (an insert to spread the weight more evenly through her feet).

At the same time, Jo ordered a pair customised arch supports and chose shoes from a wide range to suit her style and her needs.

“The staff are really knowledgeable and helpful. The options and advice I received was amazing. I can now walk correctly – I’ve even got orthotics for my wellies and a pair of wedding shoes!”

The immediate pain relief was enhanced even further once her custom-made inserts arrived. “I was so relieved when I used the off-the-shelf version,” said Jo, “but when I got the customised orthotics – wow!”

Jo, like many customers whose quality of life has been improved, has recommended Foot Solutions to friends and family. Her Dad has diabetes – Jo is taking him to see the team very soon.

“I would say to anyone who has foot pain – go to Foot Solutions!”