For many years Marguerite Sperring suffered with increasingly severe pain in her feet.

The problem was caused by a combination of fallen arches and bunions – often forcing Marguerite to walk in bare feet.

“I was always in pain with my feet,” explained Marguerite. “I needed a wide fit because of the bunions, but this meant that the shoes were loose on my feet, leading to more problems.”

Marguerite was advised by her GP that an operation was probably the best solution.

“However, I was told that until the pain became unbearable, it would not warrant surgery,” she added “I couldn’t afford to go privately so I just had to put up with the pain.”

By chance, Marguerite walked into Foot Solutions – and now acknowledges that it was the most important step in her life.

The experienced team at Foot Solutions carried out a series of tests and identified the need for custom arch supports.

“I’m amazed at the difference the arch supports have made,” enthused Marguerite. “I didn’t realise how severe the pain had become – until it had gone! In addition, my posture has improved, so I can now walk tall and enjoy my life without pain and discomfort.”

Marguerite Sperring