What are Overlapping Toes?

OverlappingToesOverlapping Toes results where one toe lies on top of an adjacent toe, causing discomfort and pain. Pain and inflammation are common symptoms of overlapping toes. If left untreated, it can interfere with the normal function of the foot. You should visit your doctor if you suspect you are suffering from the condition.


The Causes

Wearing footwear with a constricting toe box can lead to overlapping toes. Another common cause is bunions, usually found in adult women. Overlapping of the fifth toe may occur among children and can be easily corrected.


Treatment and Prevention at Foot Solutions

Foot Solutions carries overlapping toe products designed to reduce friction and help relieve the discomfort. Our qualified staff would be delighted to advise you on these products and we also offer a free digital foot analysis.

Shoes with a high, broad toe box (toe area) are recommended for people suffering from overlapping toes.

We also offer a range of forefoot supports to prevent overlapping toes, such as:

  • Gel Toe Straighteners
  • Gel Toe Caps
  • Toe Separators.

You should not ignore any pain or discomfort in your toes. Doing so can aggravate the condition and lead to a breakdown of tissue or even infection.