Foot and shoe accessories
Shoe accessories

At Foot Solutions Plymouth we stock a range of carefully selected accessories for foot and shoe care. Our consultants will advise you as to which products are most appropriate to your feet, footwear and needs.

Foot Care Accessories


Copper socks

Diabetic Socks

GelX toe separators & spreaders

GelX Toe stretchers

GelX Cushioning Heel cups

GelX Protector sleeves

GelX Toe props

Malleo Train Active Support

Foot Creams

Heel raises

Leather insoles

Shoe Care Accessories

Carbon Pro shoe protection spray

Foot solutions shoe horns

Shoe creams, polish and cleaning accessories

Nu Buck and suede protector sprays

Decorative Shoe Clips

Vamp (strap) Extensions

Elastic laces

Pedag Anti Foot odour and shoe freshener