Retired teacher Beryl Cole may be in her late 60s, but she likes to keep very active enjoying dancing, walking and keep fit.

But all that came to a sudden halt when she suffered a nasty fall while out walking. She endured months of agony and frustration.

“I slipped down a grass bank and sprained my right ankle – but subsequently suffered severe pain in my right hip, knee and ankle,” said Beryl.

“It was so bad that I could hardly walk and I had to reluctantly give up all the activities which I so enjoy.”

On two occasions, doctors told Beryl that complete rest and painkillers were the only answer. But then a friend told her about Foot Solutions and Beryl decided to visit the store.

“The staff were really helpful and understanding,” said Beryl.

A full assessment of Beryl’s problem using Foot Solutions digital foot mapping technology identified the fact that her left hip was twisted and this in turn was affecting her gait and leading to the pain.

Foot Solutions arranged for specially made insoles to be produced for Beryl and recommended shoes with a deep foot bed to accommodate the insoles.

The results were immediate and dramatic. “It was fantastic. The new shoes and special insoles helped to redress the problem in my hip and I was free from pain for the first time in months and months.

“I have been able to take up all my activities again and can enjoy all my dancing, walking and keep fit once more. “Without Foot Solutions and their expertise my life would have been so restricted and I would still be in pain,” added Beryl.

Beryl Cole